Summit began the journey with Joules in 2015, with the overall objective of re-shaping their paid search and SEO activity to drive revenue and return on investment.

After this, we set the Joules PPC activity live on Forecaster to improve the efficiency of the campaigns. Run by a team of world-class PhD statisticians, Forecaster is Summit’s predictive analytics marketing intelligence platform, designed to make accurate decisions about where and when to invest budget to make the greatest profit.

Forecaster not only improved performance for Joules, but also freed up the team to utilise their time more efficiently. This resulted in increased ROI and reduced cost, meaning we could significantly reduce spend in the PPC channel.

What we did

We reorganised the product categorisation in Joules’ PPC campaigns, enabling Forecaster to change the bidding strategy and adapt the campaigns in line with how customers were shopping the products.

We then set out to explore ways to strategically adjust marketing activity in line with customer behaviour, allowing us to maximise return on investment across all search channels.

In the initial year we used our industry-leading marketing intelligence platform, Forecaster, to fulfil Joules’ objective of being a data-led business, whilst also developing their multi-channel marketing in a range of innovative ways.

Our partnership with Joules over the first 12 months required us to thoroughly examine how, where and when budget is spent across all search channels, and be reactive based on how each product in each channel is performing. Fast forward four years and using Forecaster has continued to allow our teams to be innovative and strategic about how to manage each channel in conjunction with each other, which has in turn enabled us to ensure we generate revenue in the most cost-effective way possible.

Search Revenue +36%
Conversion Rate +25%
Revenue +80%

“Summit is the best partner for us as we look to achieve our ambitions, being uniquely positioned with impressive digital capabilities and retail experience, and a strong international track record. We were particularly impressed by the capability of Forecaster to retune our digital marketing in response to our insights, improving our return on investment.”

Ralph Percival, E-commerce Director, Joules